“Nectara will support you in having the best possible psychedelic experience.”

Atira Tan, Somatic Trauma Specialist


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Find support for your journey

Nectara is a psychedelic support ecosystem that helps you translate your retreat experience into positive and long-lasting everyday life change.

We're in service to you with ongoing expert guidance, resources, and community spaces to help you grow, connect, and blossom.

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Psychedelic integration coachesPsychedelic integration coaches
Guides. Vetted preparation and integration experts.
Psychedelic integration resources
Resources. Access an expanding library of wisdom and practices.
Psychedelic community peer support
Community. Walk the journey with others and find genuine care.
Social psychedelic company
Purpose-driven. Nectara is a social enterprise in humble service to the psychedelic community. We donate part of our revenue to Chacruna’s Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative.

Psychedelic experiences open new doors. Nectara can help you walk through them.

Environment. Care for all things around you.

Spirit. Align intention with your higher self.

Body. Prepare your body for the journey.

Mind. Plan for a beautiful experience.

Psychedelic preparation support

What is integration? It is the process of anchoring the gifts of your psychedelic experience into lasting and sustainable transformation in your everyday life.

Psychedelic integration support

Psychedelic support guides

Kind, dedicated, and expert guidance

Make meaning out of your experience and translate it into long lasting positive change with the help of one of our vetted guides.

Find a guide

Get $20 off with code: REFCODE

Psychedelic support coaches

Circle Membership

A supportive space to grow, connect, and blossom together.

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Get 10% off with code REFCODE

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Connect. Stay connected with folks from your psychedelic retreat.
Peer support. Join intentional spaces of practice and belonging.
Resources. Curated journeys and programs to nurture your path.

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What is psychedelic integration?


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