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Client Care Platform

Elevate your client care to new levels

Enhance your psychedelic therapy offerings by leveraging our client care platform, resources, and customizable workflows.

Trusted by respected organizations

How we can help

Expand your practice with our curated and customizable private client care platform

Co-create with us. We understand the responsibility that comes with providing client care and the sacredness of your work. We're here to co-create and enhance your client care processes, not replace them.

Psychedelic practices

Improve client outcomes. Increase safety and transformation with minimal effort and cost with our customizable client care platform. Leverage our trusted integration resources, host a private community, and offer ongoing group and 1:1 client support.

Grow your impact, lighten your load. Elevate your practice to new heights by adding your own client resources, market your services, and refer your clients to our trusted team of integration experts when needed.

The benefits

Step into a path of easeful and life-changing service

Shift away from overwhelm mode. Holding space for clients takes a lot of energy. Open up that tiring silo and bring in a team of trusted and experienced professionals to support you and your practice.
Quality programming made easy.
Access our trusted resources and events to support integration. Designed to fit a wide variety of medicines and approaches. Use what you want, our growing library is yours to use.
Keep skilling up. Being a facilitator can feel like being an octopus sometimes. With our experienced network of consultants, stop juggling too many things at once by calling in expert help and training where you need it most.
Foster meaningful community. Go beyond limiting Facebook groups and leverage our psychedelic care platform and membership to grow a private community for your clients.
Expand your practice. Create space in your schedule to serve more clients and focus more on what you love doing most in your business. Let the platform do the work for you!
Be part of a movement. As someone who stands for ongoing care and integration support, you're joining a network of people who are working together to serve a shared vision.


“I'm relieved to see a company with integrity and deep knowledge of this work take on a holistic solution from intake to integration, with us in mind.”

- Melissa Stangl, COO at Soltara


“Our experience with Nectara has been truly incredible. Their extensive network and programming, combined with the genuine care and professionalism, make them an absolute gem in the field.”

- René, co-founder at Rejuvyn

Who is this for

For psychedelic professionals ready for the next step

Facilitators. For experienced facilitators who serve clients 1:1 or in group ceremony and are looking to elevate their standard of care and expand their practice.

Clinical care training for therapists

Clinics. For psychedelic clinics looking for an all-in-one solution to improve their client care with enhanced psychedelic preparation and integration guidance.

How it works

Get started in 4 easy steps  



Fill out our application to share about your practice. Then we will reach out to book a call with to discuss which plan is best for you.



Easily add clients to your private care space. Everything is provided to ensure safe and supportive preparation and long-term integration process.



Craft your unique client care sanctuary, envisioning the future of your practice with us. This space is dedicated to offering transformative and safer experiences for all your clients.



Our supportive ecosystem fosters enhanced client care, increased income, and greater harmony in both your life and business.

Join the platform

Enhance your client care today

Get setup and serve your clients better within a week.

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