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Nectara for Retreats

Deliver full-spectrum retreat experiences

Enhance your retreats and capacity to offer safe and transformative experiences with our ecosystem of integration resources, programs, and trusted team of experts.

Trusted by respected organizations

What we do

An ecosystem of support for retreats ready to deliver safer and more transformative experiences

Co-creation is in our DNA. We're a social enterprise in sacred and collaborative service. We see each retreat as its own ecosystem and design solutions that honour that uniqueness.

Psychedelic practices

Improve guest outcomes. Enhance your retreat with minimal effort. From our all-inclusive community platform, to our 8-week retreat program, and integration resources. Pick what you want and we'll take care of all the hard work for you.

Expand your team. Doing it all alone is a lot to hold. Tap into our respected experts to elevate your staff, your business, and your guest experience. Without needing to increase your expenses or take investor money to deliver more impact.

Save money... and make more. Retreats are expensive to maintain. With Nectara, you save valuable resources by leveraging our team, offerings, and support. On top of that, we unlock new revenue streams that you can co-brand or white-label.

Psychedelic peer support

Foster a vibrant community. Go beyond limited Signal groups. Our platform offers a nurturing space for staff and clients to connect, share, and feel seen. Your guests will love it and you will love the additional opportunities previously not possible.

Improve your marketing. Stand out in an ocean of retreats by offering full-spectrum experiences that go well beyond a medicine journey. We'll even help you market your offerings with expert guidance and content that truly converts.

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Let's collaborate towards a better future

We believe resourcing retreats to deliver more transformative care is one of the most powerful steps we can take towards a better collective future.

You don't have to hold it all by yourself. Partner with us for unique chances to connect and collaborate with our global network of retreats, peers, and leaders, all committed to unlocking the full potential of psychedelics together.


“Our experience working with Nectara has been truly incredible. Their extensive network and programming, combined with the genuine care and professionalism, make them an absolute gem in the field.”

- René, co-founder at Rejuvyn

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