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Deliver full-spectrum guest experiences

We partner with visionary teams who are ready to unlock new levels of impact and care through collaboration and shared purpose.

Psychedelic client care
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The problem

The current harm and support gap

As awareness of psychedelic benefits increase, more people use them, and more people are being hurt. The mainstream culture of chasing peak experiences and the current support systems are lacking in effectiveness and integrity of care.


of journeyers describe mental health or emotional difficulties after an Ayahuasca retreat.



of journeyers said it was the most difficult experience of their lives.



of journeyers thought no good at come out of their experience.


What we do

An ecosystem of support to power next-generation retreats

Collaboration in Psychedelics

Co-creation is in our DNA. We're a social enterprise in sacred and collaborative service. We see each retreat as its own ecosystem and design solutions that honour that uniqueness.

Psychedelic education

Improve guest outcomes. Enhance your retreat with minimal effort. From our all-inclusive care platform, to our group retreat program, and integration resources. Pick what you want and complements your existing ones.

Ethics in Psychedelics

Expand your team. Doing it on your own is a lot to hold. Call in our diverse and respected experts to elevate your staff, your business, and your guest experience. Available whenever you need it and nothing more.

Psychedelic business

Save money... and make more. Retreats are expensive to maintain. With Nectara, you save valuable resources by leveraging our team, offerings, and support. And we unlock new revenue streams for your business.

Psychedelic community

Foster a vibrant community. Go beyond limited Signal groups. Our platform offers a nurturing space for staff and clients to connect, share, and feel seen. Your guests will love the experience and you will love the business opportunities.

Plant medicine retreat marketing

Improve your marketing. Stand out in an ocean of retreats by offering full-spectrum experiences that go well beyond a medicine journey. We'll help you market your offerings with expert guidance and content.

Partner testimonials

“I don't think we've had a better collaboration at Soltara. It's been such a dream to work with you on our new guest experience. I'm relieved to see a company with integrity and deep knowledge of this work take on a holistic solution from intake to integration, with us in mind.”

- Melissa Stangl, COO at Soltara


“Our experience with Nectara has been truly incredible. Their extensive network and programming, combined with the genuine care and professionalism, make them an absolute gem in the field.”

- René, co-founder at Rejuvyn


“This partnership has absolutely brought things to the next level for us. Thank you again.

It means a lot to have the approval stamp of folks with so much integrity, knowledge, and passion for this work.”

- Melanie, Soltara


“As retreat owners we have always felt the gap of too little guest support - this is why Nectara has manifested itself into the world. For our guests, it helps them receive the best possible experience and realize their potential in the world.”

- Richard, co-founder at the Sentinel

Featured partners

Customized solutions for beautifully unique retreats

We offer customized solutions to meet the needs of any type of retreat or clinic. Choose from plug-and-play solutions or co-create with our heart-led team of experts to design next-generation guest experiences.

Redesigned, streamlined, and enhanced their guest experience and support system; from preparation to integration.

Migrated over 2,000 community members to Nectara's retreat platform for engagement, user experience, and operational benefits.

Leveraged our growing library of resources and programs to expand ongoing guest support.

Saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by collaborating with our team.
Launched a new retreat location and immediately differentiated their brand and retreat programming.

Deploys our live 8-week integration program to their retreat cohorts in less than 10 minutes.

Leverages our preparation programming to help clients arrive on location feeling clearer and safer about their upcoming journey.

Augmented their retreat support staff with Nectara's team of trusted psychedelic experts.

Increased retreat sales with our digital marketing mentoring and support.

Transitioned from manual and tedious operational processes to automating preparation and integration workflows for client care.

Enhanced client transformation and safety by leveraging our ecosystem of support.

Offers a year of included client care with a growing library of over 100 supportive practices, programs, and events, all delivered in just a few clicks.

Fosters a private community with guests, expanding the client journey to create lasting bonds beyond a peak experience.


Partnership benefits

Solutions that scale your psychedelic care to new levels

Increase trust

Stand out from the rest by truly standing for better psychedelic care. Your clients will recognize your commitment to their journey by partnering with a trusted name.

Extend your team

Increase your team of experts by bringing in parts of ours. Tap into our ecosystem of experts in psychedelic care, marketing, ethics, programming, coaches, and much more.

Increase revenue

Retreats supported by Nectara offer much more value to guests. Our thoughtfully designed services allow you to generate additional revenue, without having to spend any money to create it.

Group program

Elevate your retreats to new heights with our 10-week online preparation and integration program. Facilitated by an experienced guide, trauma-informed, and seamlessly wrapped and customized to your retreat.

Improve operations

Leverage our systems and decades of experience in design, user experience, and automations to streamline your guest journeys and save you precious time and energy.

Client care platform

Access over 100+ high-quality psychedelic support resources to create more supportive experiences. Start with our default templates or customize to your own needs.

Collaborate with our team to help skill up your own, explore challenges, and step into new levels of alignment and impact. Available on demand.

Email us to get started.

Clinical Strategies. Learn clinical skills and knowledge.

Conscious Marketing. Improve your reach and your impact.

Psychedelic Care. Foster more compassionate and inclusive spaces.

Team alignment. Spark insights and synergy with group constellations.

Integration Skillsets. Improve your team's culture of integration.

Ethics. Hold safer spaces and navigate ethical nuances better.

Psychedelic preparation support
Psychedelic integration support

Mentorship. Benefit from individual or team guidance whenever a challenge or opportunity shows up.

Projects. Develop client care or business initiatives with an expert helping you along the way.

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Let's co-create a better future

Elevating psychedelic care is pivotal in truly fulfilling the promise of psychedelics for change.

But running a retreat is not an easy task.
We know how much work you are taking on.
You don't have to carry this large responsibility alone.

Sharing the load with a trusted partner means greater levels of impact in the world while greatly increasing the potential of your business.

We're devoted to unlocking the full potential of psychedelics through co-creation with retreats committed to their clients' safety and transformation.

If you're ready to step into a more impactful, easeful, and thriving retreat, get in touch and let's support our shared vision.

How it works

Get started in 4 easy steps 



Fill out our short application form and share more about your retreat.



We'll share a proposal with the offers that will have the highest and most immediate impact for you.



Book a call with our founders to get to know each other better. If it's a mutual fit, we'll spend time with your team to further assess your needs and better understand your culture, programs, and community.



Within a few weeks or less, we will take care of activating solutions for you; from operations to onboarding your clients and staff. You're always involved and we're constantly in touch with our partners to continue co-creating and meeting their evolving needs.

Join the ecosystem

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Connect with our founders, Elaine and Pascal, to start the conversation. We look forward to meeting you!

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