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Every day is a ceremony

Nectara is a support ecosystem for people empowering themselves with the intentional use of psychedelic medicines.

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The Physiology of Trauma

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An in-depth online class on trauma resolution and psychedelics from an expert in the field of relational somatic therapy. Learn practical knowledge and techniques to understand and resolve trauma in your work, your family, and your own healing path.

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Embody your
highest self

Psychedelic experiences open new doors. Nectara can help you walk through them.


Integrate and prepare for your journeys with carefully vetted psychedelic wellness guides.


Live an empowered and resourced life with expert-led programs and events.


Access the resourcing power of community and connection with people on a similar journey on our private Circle community.


Reframe limiting beliefs with a rich array of applicable guidance, including daily practices and perceptive insights.


Embark on customized healing pathways embraced by a holistic, compassionate, and dedicated integration team of guides.

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Integration guides

Guides worthy
of your trust

Each Nectara guide is handpicked and carefully vetted for alignment with our guiding principles, ethics, and training requirements.


Trustworthy and respectful of your journey, process, and privacy.


Specialists in cross-pollinating
modalities and integration practices.


Dedicated to sacred service to your unfolding and reaching your full potential.


Professional, ethical, and of
the highest integrity.


Lifelong learners committed to growth and illuminating their own shadows.

Nectara is a social enterprise

Building a new paradigm, together

Our own journeys revealed our interconnectedness with the world. So we founded Nectara as a social enterprise—striving to embody the lessons of empathy, reciprocity, and community that psychedelic medicines have blessed us with. Giving back and reimagining business as kinder, more collaborative, and heart-centred are at the core of how we want to show up.

About us

asked questions

  1. What is integration?

It is the process of translating psychedelic-assisted experiences into clear insights and embodied action for improving your mental health and wellbeing. Integration is about creating wholeness in one's life through dedication, patience, and embodied living. As Huston Smith said so beautifully: “It’s the challenge of transforming flashes of illumination into abiding light.”

  1. What is psychedelic wellness?

It is what we call our holistic philosophy of wellness and integration. It starts with psychedelic experiences offering transformative insights which are then integrated into every day life with the support of a diverse set of modalities and perspectives. Within that view, we advocate for less psychedelics and more integration focused on the mind, body, soul, and community. Within that philosophy we view every moment as a ceremony and grounds for integration.

  1. Are psychedelics legal now?

Not yet in most places. However, there is a vibrant community of people who experience psychedelics on their own or in countries where legal retreats are being held.

  1. Are you offering retreats or selling psychedelics?

Nope. We are focused on supporting people before and after their experiences. We will be partnering with select world-class retreats where legal psychedelic therapy is offered to bring transformative experiences to our community.