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Activate the full potential of your psychedelic journeys

Translate your psychedelic experiences into lasting positive change with our trusted integration coaches, programs, and resources.

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For psychedelic facilitators

Elevate your psychedelic practice

The Facilitator Circle

Gain invaluable mentorship every month from trusted experts and peers. Grow your skills and impact with integrity while raising the bar in your psychedelic facilitation.
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Client care platform

Streamline your client care with your all-in-one private platform. Enhance preparation and integration by automating your existing processes and tapping into our trusted library of resources.
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For journeyers

Guidance to find meaning and belonging on your psychedelic wellness journey

Everyone deserves to have genuine support on their journey. Real connections, expert guidance, and helpful insights. That's what our membership is all about. Nectara is your space to translate psychedelic journeys into meaningful and lasting change.

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For beginners

Curious about psychedelics?

Our comprehensive guidebook for beginners covers everything you need to start exploring if psychedelics are for you. From where to take them to which medicine is a good fit for you.

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“Nectara has been a source of connection, contemplation, and a wealth of information. I am constantly blown away by the thought and care that has been placed into it.”

- Vanathy

Learn the basics

Learn about psychedelic integration

The basics of integration. Bridging a journey into lasting change.
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The basic of preparation. Preparing yourself for a safer journey.
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A panel on psychedelic integration. Expert perspectives on the subject.
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What is psychedelic integration and why is it so essential to activating the full potential of a psychedelic journey? Learn more about the basics in our series of blogs, panels, and Q&As.

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