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A supportive space to grow, connect, and blossom

Everyone deserves to have genuine support on their journey. Real connections, sincere encouragements, and helpful insights. That's what our community is all about. Nectara's Circle is your space to be seen and supported in navigating and integrating psychedelic experiences into everyday life.

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Nectara's Circle online community


“This community has been a source of connection, contemplation, and a wealth of information. I am constantly blown away by the thought and care that has been placed into it.”

- Vanathy

Chris Rodman Integration Guide

Guides worthy
of your trust

At Nectara, we believe trust is everything. Our psychedelic wellness guides are handpicked, not just for what they know, but for who they are.


Trustworthy and respectful of your journey, needs, and privacy.


Specialists in cross-pollinating
modalities and therapeutic practices.


Dedicated to sacred service to your unfolding and your full potential.


Professional, ethical, and of the highest integrity.


Lifelong learners committed to growth and illuminating their own shadows.


Grounded in experience, wisdom traditions, and practice.

Our vision

Contribute to a new paradigm with us

We founded Nectara as a social enterprise—striving to embody the lessons of empathy, mutuality, and interconnection that psychedelic medicines have blessed us with. Giving back and reimagining business as kinder, more collaborative, and heart-centred are at the core of why we exist.

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