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Learn new skills and practices to expand the potential of your psychedelic wellness journey.

Trauma Resolution and Psychedelics

The Physiology of Trauma

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Understand the types of trauma, how it affects you, and if you're a facilitator, how to work with it.

With Sasha Cuff

Psychedelic Preparation Course

Ceremonial Preparation

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Get ready for a safe and transformative upcoming psychedelic journey.

With Shiri Godasi

Breathwork and Psychedelics

Breathwork for Life's Peak Experiences

Coming soon
A comprehensive deep dive into breath as medicine with guided breath experiences.

With Robin Clements

Movement and Psychedelic Integration

Embodied Movement

Coming soon
Step into a series of guided movement to help you connect to the intelligence and creative potential of your body for integration.

With Erin Rose Ward

Ethics and Psychedelics

Ethics in Psychedelic Practice

Coming soon
Explore elements of ethical practice with a comprehensive self-paced course.

With Dr. Sandra Dreisbach

Koshas and Psychedelics

Journey into the Koshas

Coming soon
Explore the layers of your body and soul through Eastern Philosophy to discover who you truly are.

With Simone MacKay

Mindfulness and Psychedelics

Microdosing Mindfulness

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A journey through practices, insights, and inspiration for everyday mindful living.
Mindfulness coaching

With David Frank Gomes