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Signature Program

Our signature 8-week psychedelic coaching program with Shiri Godasi.

Life is a ceremony
Psychedelic integration practices

What we do

Are you ready to step into the journey of a lifetime?

This 1-1 coaching program will help you prepare for upcoming medicine journeys, and implement strategies of skillful preparation and integration that can reduce harm and yield desired outcomes.

In this highly personalized program, you will learn how to set yourself up for an empowering transformational journey that lasts long beyond the ceremony.

Program curriculum

A proven and focused program for powerful transformation

Week 1
Safety Assessment

Week 2
Unearthing Imbalances

Week 3
Clarifying Goals

Week 4
Entheogenic Treatment Plan
Week 5
Preparation and Intention

Week 6
Entheogenic Navigation Skillsets

Week 7
Short-term Integration

Week 8
Long-term Integration



Single payment.

Payment plan available


For three months.

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