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Translate your psychedelic experience into lasting positive change with our trusted integration guides, programs, and integration resources.

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Psychedelic Integration support
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Psychedelic integration guides

Guides worthy
of your trust

Get the most out of your psychedelic experiences with personalized preparation and integration support from our carefully vetted guides. Each one an experienced, kind, and caring ally dedicated to your highest potential.

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Make deeper meaning out of
your psychedelic experiences.


Create an integration roadmap
and get resourced along the way.


Translate peak experiences into positive everyday life changes.


Prepare yourself for a safe and transformational psychedelic journey.


Process, reflect, and share with a trusted guide in a confidential container.


Benefit from non-judgemental emotional support to explore your journey of growth.

Psychedelic resources

A supportive space to grow, connect, and blossom

Everyone deserves to have genuine support on their journey. Real connections, sincere encouragement, and helpful insights. That's what our community is all about. Nectara's Circle is your space to be seen and supported in integrating psychedelic experiences into your everyday life.

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Nectara's Circle online community


“Nectara has been a source of connection, contemplation, and a wealth of information. I am constantly blown away by the thought and care that has been placed into it.”

- Vanathy

Learning resources

Learn about integration

Q&A. Answering ten of the most common questions on psychedelic integration with Mijal Schmidt.
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The basics of integration. Nectara guides offering their unique perspectives on integration.
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Breathwork. Navigating life's peak experiences through breathing with Robin Clements.
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What is psychedelic integration and why is it so essential to activating the full potential of a journey? Learn more about the basics in our series of blogs, panels, and Q&As.

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