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Focus on what you do best and allow your psychedelic wellness practice to bloom with Nectara. Join our curated collective of psychedelic wellness guides and co-create a healthier world with us.

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Psychedelic Community

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A curated collective

We're not a yellow pages directory with hundreds of coaches. Our guides are carefully selected and vetted for not only their experience and skills but also who they are. Kind, compassionate, welcoming folks who are professional and keep doing their own personal work in humbleness to the healing path we all walk. We're a tight-knit group that supports and elevates one another.


Incubate offerings

Want to share your wisdom to the world? We can help you do that. From creating courses, writing articles, curating community experiences, and creating resources to help support the psychedelic community. We're here to help you make it happen. We can even help you create a private community space built around your work and clients.


Get the support you need

Remove barriers to your highest level of service by helping us help you with technology, marketing, strategy, peer to peer support groups, experts to help increase your expertise, and more. By joining Nectara, you're entering an ecosystem of support and guides dedicated to the blossoming of your work.


A home for your practice

Our app is a place designed specifically for psychedelic wellness guides. You can book clients, host 1-on-1 or group sessions, market your offerings, manage your practice, receive payments, and share resources with your clients all in one place. Your clients will also receive supporting resources from us to add to your beautiful work.


Expand your impact

We showcase our guides to our community and help connect them with people dedicated to their healing path. And with our partnerships with world-class retreats, we're helping guides support more people live better lives. Focus on what you do best, we'll take care of the rest.


Elevate standards

The intentional and ethical expansion of the psychedelic space is dear to us. We are creating an ecosystem that reflects the messages of harmony, sacredness, and compassion that psychedelic experiences have taught us. Your contribution to this mission is invaluable in our thriving to be a steward of these values.

Our app

All you need in one place

  • Manage your clientele
  • Get paid, the same day
  • Offer custom offerings
  • Be listed on our vetted guides list
  • Work with world class and ethical psychedelic retreats
  • Host encrypted video sessions
  • Share resources with your clients

Nectara guides are

forming new community spaces

offering better support to clients

giving back to the community

supporting ethical retreats

creating wellness offerings

collaborating with guides

being elevated by a team

nourishing their skillset

saving time and energy

asked questions

  1. What's your vetting process like?

We're being highly selective of who we bring in to maintain the highest of standards of quality of care. We are making sure our guides align with our ethical guidelines, our philosophy, and our vision of a holistic and supportive collective of guides. The vetting process starts with our application form and if we see a fit, we will reach out. We'll conduct a thorough background check, ask for referrals, and have more than one call to assess fit and alignment.

  1. What kind of guides are you looking for?

We are looking for purpose-driven guides who view integration and wellness as a lifelong journey of practice and commitment. We are looking for experienced guides who can help lead impactful and intentional group and 1-on-1 sessions. Some psychedelic experience is a must but being a psychonaut is not. A perspective that integration is a lifelong process involves multiple perspectives and modalities that don't necessarily involve psychedelics at their core. What matters most to us is a dedication to your craft, your integrity, professionalism, and your commitment to helping people live better lives.

  1. What modalities are you welcoming in?

Diversity of perspectives is a key to holistic care. We welcome in any modality that has been proven to help support people's healing journey.

  1. What if I just want to co-create resources or events with you?

Fill out our collaborator form with the offering you'd like to bring to our community and we'll get back to you soon. We can co-create experiences, programs, courses, resources, and more.