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Nectara's Circle

We belong
in circles

Our online community is for people dedicated to translating psychedelic experiences into extraordinary lives. Join us to connect and share your story with others, access curated integration resources, community circles, and weekly events.

Our next intake round is February 2022. Circle is available on iOS (App), desktop and mobile browsers.

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Psychedelic Community

A space to connect, grow, and practice


Community and connection

Nectara's Circle is an intentional community of people who leverage psychedelic experiences for personal and spiritual development. It's a safe space where everyone is supporting each other along the way. Be seen and heard without judgement and benefit from the insight of others to accelerate your healing journey and bless you with a felt sense of belonging and connection.


Ongoing resourcing

Start a plant dieta with our guides or deepen your microdosing journey. Join a men's or women's group. Share and elevate your own skills and wisdom with others in our conversation starters. Join our book club on psychedelics and wellbeing. Access the ongoing expansion of our carefully curated psychedelic wellness resources. More programs will launch over time.


Deepen your practice

Members get free access to integration circles hosted by experienced Nectara guides. Participate in our weekly yoga, meditation, and breathwork practices. Learn about somatic therapy, nutrition, daily rituals, mindfulness, and more. Get practical support to help you live every day as a ceremony; in harmony with yourself, others, and your environment.


Holistic community spaces

Our community is made up of spaces dedicated to specific and relevant topics where you can learn and participate with experts. Our first community space is dedicated to trauma resolution. On it, you will receive ongoing resources and practical tools from trauma resolution experts to further your knowledge and deepen your path of embodiment.

On Circle, people are

finding a space of belonging

sharing their personal story

bridging intention to action

experiencing breathwork

practicing somatic yoga

learning about trauma

integrating in circles

meditating together

meeting new allies

I attended one of your integration circles and found it to be an incredibly moving experience.

Community member

I love this community... and I've told quite a few people about it. Thank you so much for creating it!

Community member

You We got this

We believe that for some of us, it's time to reframe the lone wolf approach and stop working in silos. We're much stronger when we work together and become champions for one another. We want to co-create genuine and meaningful support spaces to flourish. Not just for a month or two but for a lifetime.

It's time we attune back into the power of We.

Imagine a global psychedelic wellness community that started online and blossomed into having local chapters of integration support in cities worldwide. It will take time, but we hope you'll be a seed for the vision to grow. It's the start of something special and we can't do it without you.

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asked questions

  1. How do I access the community?

You can start the process by applying. Why an application process? We want to grow intentionally, which means dripping new intakes over time to make sure that we maintain quality and authenticity as we grow.

  1. How do I login?

Our Circle community is available on iOS through the Circle app and every major browser on your desktop and mobile device. An Android app will be released soon.

  1. I'd love to contribute, how do I do that?

Collaboration is at the core of our vision at Nectara. We're always looking for guides, teachers, and writers to help co-create events, programs, and resources for the community. If you're deeply passionate about integration, wellness modalities, and the potential of psychedelics, we'd love to hear from you. An interest in psychedelics is key but you do not need to be a psychonaut or experienced practitioner to apply.

  1. Are you looking for ambassadors?

Yes! If you'd like to help us expand our reach and join our partners program, reach out at and say hello.