Nectara Circle

We belong in circles

The Nectara Circle is a community of people dedicated to translating their psychedelic experiences into extraordinary lives. With community-driven support and expert-curated resources, discussions, programs, and events, the private community is for those who are ready to bloom into a new paradigm of wellbeing.

Community features


Connect with your peers

The Nectara Circle is a global community of people who responsibly use psychedelics to live better lives. It's a safe space where everyone is supporting each other along the way. Be seen and heard without judgement and benefit from the insight of others that will accelerate your healing journey and bless you with a felt sense of belonging and connection. You don't have to walk the path alone anymore.


Ongoing resourcing

Connect directly with Nectara Guides, participate in expert-led programs like plant dietas, microdosing regimens, and breathwork. Join a men's or women's group. Embark on healing paths with others working on the same healing and wellbeing goals. We'll be providing an extensive and curated set of resources to support your journey towards wholeness.


Psychedelic wellness events

Nectara Circle members get free access to bi-weekly integration circles hosted by experienced Nectara Guides. Join webinars and live Q&As with experts on topics like harm-reduction, somatic therapy, meditation, and more practical aspects of how you can integrate psychedelic insights into your life to get the most out of your experiences.


Expert-led community spaces

The Nectara Circle will be made up of various spaces dedicated to specific and relevant topics where you can learn and participate with experts. Our first community space, which you can join here, is dedicated to trauma resolution and will receive ongoing resources and practical tools from experts every month to further your knowledge and deepen your path.

Integration and wellness education for therapists
First community space

Trauma Resolution Network

Trauma resolution is a key aspect of integration and healing. If you're dedicated to working with your own trauma and advancing your understanding of trauma, apply now to become a Founding Member. Help us launch the network by being an active contributing member and get free lifetime access.

Apply now


Receive ongoing resources ike technique videos, therapy session recordings, live events, reading material and more to help further your knowledge of trauma and how you can resolve it in yourself and support others in their process.


Join in-person group or solo therapy sessions with somatic therapy experts who are at the leading edge of trauma resolution techniques.


Learn from others on the same path and cultivate authentic relationships with people who are also working towards healing trauma and embodying wholeness.


Contribute to a global revolution of wellbeing by learning to regulate your own nervous system and gaining the knowledge and skills to help others do the same.


Get access to further training opportunities to improve and expand your integration and therapeutic skills.

You We got this

We believe that for some of us, it's time to reframe the lone wolf approach and stop working in silos. We're so much stronger when we work together and become champions for one another. Our goal with this community is to create a suitable container for genuine collaboration and support to flourish. Not just for a month or two, but for a lifetime.

Imagine a global psychedelic wellness community that started online and blossomed to have local chapters of integration support in cities around the world. It will take time, but we hope you'll be a seed for the vision to grow. Stay tuned as we release more information on our Circle community and launch our first community space.