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Co-creating a revolution of well-being

Nectara and the Psychedelic Association of Canada are partners in elevating the standards of psychedelic care in Canada and providing all Canadians access to safe psychedelic-assisted support.

By supporting our organizations, you add your voice to the ethical stewardship and expansion of psychedelic therapy in Canada.

PAC and Nectara

About the Psychedelic Association of Canada


The mission

The PAC is a registered non-profit working to educate Canadians, change policy, and elevate the accessibility to legal and ethical psychedelic therapy for all Canadians.


Uniting coast to coast

The primary focus of the PAC is to connect and serve all aspects of the psychedelic community and movement in Canada. It serves as a hub where businesses, experts, legal professionals, journeyers, and medical doctors can come together and contribute to the growing psychedelic landscape in Canada.


Exclusive member benefits

For just $100 CAD/year, PAC members get access to regular webinars with experts, a community platform to connect with other Canadians and other perks, including special discounts to Nectara's psychedelic integration events and courses.


Join the business alliance

The PAC Business Alliance serves the businesses in Canada’s psychedelic space. Think of it as the psychedelic chamber of commerce. Contribute to the PAC advocacy regarding legalization of medical psychedelics. Participate in business-focused webinars, networking events, roundtables and  research incubators. Network and communicate with the PAC's nationwide psychedelic community.

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