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Facilitator Circle

Elevate and grow your psychedelic practice

Transform your practice with expert mentorship, peer support, and resources designed to help you thrive in the world of psychedelic facilitation; from ethics to integration.

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Psychedelic Facilitator Training
Psychedelic Facilitation Training Program
Psychedelic Coach Mentors

About this program

A support system for your psychedelic practice

Are you navigating the intricate landscape of psychedelic care and wishing for more professional support from your colleagues?

We recognize the distinctive hurdles that you're facing.

The essence of your work can often be as challenging as it is rewarding, making the presence of mentors and peers not just beneficial, but essential for your growth and the deepening of your practice.

Challenges you may be facing:

  • Limited access to trusted professional support and guidance.
  • Difficulty refining skills and addressing challenges independently.
  • Struggles with client intake, session facilitation, and integration processes.
  • Isolation and lack of community among psychedelic practitioners.
  • Balancing traditional therapeutic techniques with holistic approaches.
  • Navigating ethical and legal complexities in the field.

Our Facilitator Circle provides a nurturing environment where you can continously enhance your skills, tackle challenges, and deepen your practice, from ethics to integration. You’ll be part of an engaged community of professionals who are as dedicated to their growth as they are to supporting others.

This is more than just an ongoing mentorship program; it’s part of an inspired vision towards elevating the standards of psychedelic care.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Free preview

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A 90-minutes deep dive into the intersection of psychedelic facilitation and narcissism. Complete with summary notes, key takeaways, and next steps.

"A required listening for all psychedelic guides."  - Sarah

"Wonderful presentation."
- Glenn

Program benefits

Enhance your impact, skills, and client care

Psychedelic Clinical Care

Expand your toolbox. Learn from complimentary and new perspectives from various facilitation backgrounds.

Psychedelic Ceremony Program

Improve client outcomes. Provide safer and more effective services to your clients, from preparation to integration.

Psychedelic Coaching Support

Review your methods. Share client studies and work with a group through challenges you and your peers faced.

Psychedelic Marketing Training

Consciously market yourself. Build your clientele and learn how to earn a full-time income, without feeling out of integrity or weird about marketing.

Psychedelic Training Learning

Deepen your skillset. Gain insights into your thought processes, cultural perspectives, and intervention strategies.

Clinical Case Study for Psychedelics

Benefit from community. Learn through mentorship and collaborative reflection, healing, and listening.

Who is this for?

For professional psychedelic facilitators and teams

  • Plant medicine facilitators
  • Clinicians
  • Professional therapists
  • Retreat and clinic teams
  • Integration coaches
  • Training programs

Areas of exploration

Explore the complex facets of psychedelic facilitation


Expand strategies

Increase the repertoire of your psychedelic support interventions, from clinical to shamanic frameworks.


Working with trauma

Learn how to better identify trauma and working with it in a positive way.


Emotional depth

Experience guidance in managing the intense emotional and psychological material that arises during psychedelic sessions.


Integration techniques

Gain insights into aiding clients with integrating their profound experiences into everyday life.


Client mapping

Learn how to read a client case by case in its singularity or particularities to deliver tailored interventions.


Crisis intervention

Discover new techniques for navigating and stabilizing challenging waters.


Set and setting mastery

Learn how to optimize the mindset of your clients and the therapeutic environment, crucial for successful outcomes.


Expectation management

Develop skills to balance and manage client expectations about the transformative yet gradual nature of psychedelic therapy.


Navigating ethical and legal landscapes

Understand how to operate within the legal and ethical frameworks of this evolving field with safety in mind.


Marketing and business strategies

Learn how to consciously market yourself and attract more clients in the complex landscape of psychedelic facilitation.

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Elevate your practice with expert mentorship and training

Join our weekly workshops covering clinical care, ethics, integration, and business, along with case study groups, past recordings and notes, a co-created learning space, and a supportive community platform.

Shiri Godasi
Shiri Godasi
Integration Skillsets
Isabel Santis
Isabel Santis
Navigational Skills
Mijal Schmidt
Mijal Schmidt
Clinical Care
Dr. Sandra Dreisbach
Dr. Sandra Dreisbach
Andrea Langlois
Andrea Langlois
Neil Froelich
Neil Froelich
Conscious Marketing
Erica Siegal
Erica Siegal
Harm Reduction
Sarah Sophia
Sarah Sophia
Ceremonial Practices
Daan Keiman
Daan Keiman
Psychedelic Care


“Shiri's depth of knowledge and experience in psychedelic itegration is palpable, and I felt it was a real gift to learn from her.”


- Natalie Cox, Integration coach


“Sandra has unique skills and abilities from years spent in academic bioethics, underground psychedelic communities, and emerging legal settings. She excels at facilitating difficult but important discussions with understanding and compassion, even when issues are contentious and ethically complex.”

Dr. Samuel Douglas, Psychedelic professional


“Sandra has unique skills and abilities from years spent in academic bioethics, underground psychedelic communities, and emerging legal settings. She excels at facilitating difficult but important discussions with understanding and compassion, even when issues are contentious and ethically complex.”

Dr. Samuel Douglas, Psychedelic professional


“Sandra is a light shining forth whose outlook, integrity, and passion set her apart as a pillar within the community. As compassionate as she is wise, Sandra is a supportive teacher and guide for those within her sphere. An exceptional individual who deeply values community support and growth.”

Elisabeth A. Rose, Shamanic Eco-Therapist

Happening every month

Ongoing mentorship and growth

Every month, the Facilitator Circle will offer you expert guidance in different facets of psychedelic facilitation.

Click on the play button to meet the facilitator.

Clinical care training for therapists
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Clinical care
Learn clinically oriented skills with client case studies held in a private group and mentorship Q&A calls.

With Mijal Schmidt

Ethics training for psychedelic facilitators
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Psychedelic ethics
Hold braver spaces with topical ethics classes and mentorship Q&A calls.

With Dr. Sandra Dreisbach

Psychedelic care for facilitators
Psychedelic care

Embody compassionate principles of individual and cultural transformation with classes

With Daan Keiman

Integration skillsets
Deepen your ability to help people make meaningful transformation in their lives.

With Shiri Godasi

Marketing training for psychedelic professionals
Conscious marketing
Increase your impact by growing your business consciously, without feeling out of integrity.

With Neil Froehlich


Program events

Sample of schedule

Clinical Care Case Studies
Clinical Care Class
With Mijal Schmidt
Class: Power Dynamics
Ethics Mentorship Q&A
With Dr. Sandra Dreisbach
Class: Harm Reduction for Facilitators
With Erica Siegal from Shine
Relational Dynamics in Psychedelic Coaching and Guiding ‍‍
Integration Skillsets: Mentorship Q&A
With Shiri Godasi
Narcissism and Psychedelics
Psychedelic Care: Mentorship Q&A
With Daan Keiman
Marketing from Underground into Abundance
Conscious Marketing: Mentorship Q&A
‍‍‍‍With Neil Froehlich
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Clinic and retreat teams

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Elevate your facilitation and support teams with ongoing monthly training and peer support for your entire team.

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