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Discover retreats where we would personally feel comfortable attending based on our trust of the teams who work there and having Nectara's support available for guests.

We recommend exploring if they would be a good fit for you.

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Soltara works with the Amazonian plant medicine Ayahuasca under the guidance of indigenous Peruvian Shipibo healers, collaborating with clinical psychologists who have extensive plant medicine experience to support a uniquely integrative approach to healing.

Soltara incorporates Nectara's support at every step of the journey, giving you a full-spectrum medicine experience that can help you blossom, grow, and heal.

Over the years, Soltara has held one of the best reputations for retreat centers in the world. We trust you will be in excellent hands with their team and carefully designed protocols and guest experience.

Nectara support: Care platform, membership, group program

Cost: USD $3,300+

Lineage: Shipibo

Medicine: Ayahuasca

Locations: Costa Rica, Peru


Retreats at  Rejuvyn offer a holistic approach to psychedelic healing incorporating preparation and integration with a powerful psilocybin experience so you can create lasting change in your life.

Nectara's support is fully embedded within Rejuvyn retreats, including our 7-week group integration program, our preparation course, and a private client care and community space. Along with their experienced and kind facilitators, Rejuvyn offers a world-class retreat experience that is led by care, heart, and authenticity.

We recommend Rejuvyn for folks wanting to experience truffles in a legal environment, supported by expert resources and guides to activate the full potential of their psychedelic journey.

Nectara support: Care platform, membership, group program

Cost: EUR 2,200+

Lineage: Modern

Medicine: Psilocybin

Locations: Netherlands


Shamanflora is an ancient plant medicine healing center nestled in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. The center is held by traditional Maestras who facilitate their ceremonies based on long lineages of care and love.

Shamanflora is dedicated to integration support, preserving the sacredness of medicine work, and to nurture and care for the over 100 medicinal plants that live on their land.

In addition to Ayahuasca, Shamanflora also offers Kambo and master plant dietas with powerful plant teachers and allies.

We recommend Shamanflora for folks interested in experiencing plant medicines in the jungle, in a supportive environment led by Indigenous Elders.

Nectara support: Care platform, membership

Cost: USD $1,200+

Lineage: Shipibo

Medicine: Ayahuasca, Kambo, Plant Dieta

Location: Peru

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Alalaho's retreat  provide a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness in a safe and legal environment. Using psilocybin-containing truffles, these retreats in the Netherlands and Spain offer guided journeys that can help unlock new perspectives, foster creative flow, and initiate profound self-discovery. Beyond the psychedelic experience, their values and client care approach focuses on integrating these insights into daily life, addressing blocks to your full potential.

It’s not just about the journey—it’s about transforming these revelations into lasting change, deepening your connection with yourself, others, and the mysteries of life.

Nectara support: Referrals

Cost: EUR $2,850+

Lineage: Western / Tibetan Buddhism

Medicine: Psilocybin

Location: Netherlands + Spain


Patient-centred, safe, and clinically proven ketamine treatments are offered at MindSetting. Supported by Nectara's client care platform and a robust preparation and integration process, their team of psychotherapist facilitators hold clients across their TRIP protocol.

The protocol emphasizes holistic client care based on psychotherapy, mindfulness, and a warm approach to ketamine therapy; which can too often feel like an overly clinical experience.

Led by Dr. Zdyb who is part of our Nectara guide team, we recommend MindSetting for folks who are new to psychedelics, want to explore treatment for anxiety and depression, or is curious to explore ketamine's unique properties for healing and transformation.

Nectara support: Membership

Cost: CAD $1,500+

Approach: Clinical care

Medicine: Ketamine

Locations: Toronto, Canada