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Ethics in
Psychedelic Practice

Elevate your personal ethics and psychedelic practice with our mentorship program rooted in care, wisdom, and community. We're currently in our pilot phase with a new cohort starting in Spring.

Ethics training for psychedelic facilitators

About this program

Ethics are the heartbeat of a healthy and thriving expansion of the psychedelic space

In the world of psychedelic facilitation, the line between harm and healing can be thin. It's a common misconception that only ill-intentioned practitioners cause harm. Often, it's well-meaning individuals that inadvertently contribute to negative experiences.

This community-based mentorship program is meticulously designed to arm you with actionable strategies and skills to navigate the nuanced challenges of psychedelic facilitation and ethics.

Your critical role

Become a beacon of trust and safety in the psychedelic community

The psychedelic movement is at a critical juncture where the importance of ethics in professional practice cannot be overstated. As this field expands, it attracts a diverse array of new practitioners and journeyers, each bringing their own understanding of ethics.

In the profoundly sensitive and vulnerable moments experienced around a psychedelic journey, the role of a facilitator becomes crucially significant. Navigating these ethical waters is a complex and nuanced task, demanding a deep understanding of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dynamics at play.

However, there remains a glaring gap in accessible, robust skill-building resources focused on ethical practices in this domain. This scarcity underscores the urgent need for dedicated platforms and programs that not only educate but also empower practitioners in ethical decision-making, ensuring safety, respect, and integrity are upheld in every step of the psychedelic journey.

We believe that the transformative potential of this movement hinges on embedding strong ethical foundations into its rapidly growing community.

This program is our way of supporting this vision.

Who is this program for?

Mentoring yourself and your community in integrity

  • Leaders in psychedelics and wellness
  • Integration coaches
  • Psychedelic facilitators
  • Professional therapists
  • Education professionals
  • Retreat and clinic teams

Areas of exploration

Exploring the complex landscape of a psychedelic practice


What does it mean to be in integrity?


How do we decide what is 'right'? Can there be a standard?


What's more important the results or the means? Both?


What are the responsibilities and limits of my scope of practice?


What do you value? To what degree?


How does one approach character development, gifts, and challenges?


How does one integrate spiritual practice?


Why are personal, professional and community codes of conduct so important?  


How to co-create community agreements?


What is our responsibility to reciprocity? To repair and heal?


What can be done when autonomy and boundaries are not recognized?


How does one recognize and respond to power dynamics?


A program rooted in care, wisdom, and community

Stage 1: Departure (Weeks 1-2)
Introduction & Container
Inner Compass
Value Spectrum

Stage II: Initiation (Weeks 3, 4, 5)
Virtue and Vice
Actions and Consequences
Intentions and Principles
Duty and Responsibilities
Ethics Codes

Stage III: Return (Weeks 6-7)
Justice and Equity
Reciprocity and Reparation
Consent and Capacity
Leadership and Integration

Your guide

Dr. Sandra Dreisbach is Nectara's Director of Ethics. She holds an MA, Phd in Philosophy exploring ethical decision making and moral psychology.  

She is an ethics advisor active in psychedelic integration, therapy, education and advocacy as well as a psychedelic facilitator, cofounder of Ethical Psychedelic International Community, ethics advisor to World Psychedelics Day. She previously served as the leader of the Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society.  

Sandra taught Bioethics at University of California, Santa Cruz for the Biomolecular Engineering and Philosophy Departments for the past ten years. She worked for many years in the tech industry primarily at Apple, and is a Reiki Master in multiple lineages.

Sandra focuses on listening and uplifting the voices and values of the psychedelic community especially the disenfranchised with the heart space intention of compassion and love.

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For three months.

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A couple of scholarships are available. Please text or Signal Sandra at 831-419-8794 to inquire.