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Breathwave Journey

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Breathwave Journey


June 14, 2023







2.5 hours








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About this event

Most of us only breathe up to 30% of our capacity. We often have a shallow breath when we're stressed. If we're controlling or cutting off the flow of our exhale, we may be feeling this need for control in other areas of our lives. When our breath is unrestricted, we're training our mind-body to stay open and receptive. Like psychedelics, the breath is a medicine that can change our perceptions and shift the trajectory of our life.

Conscious connected breathwork is a specific breathing technique that can greatly support your psychedelic preparation or integration. It's a practice that helps you stay present with your body and open to what may emerge before, during, and after your medicine journey. 

Join us for our monthly guided breath journey with Robin Clements. With 25 years of experience, he is one of the leading practitioners in North America. His approach weaves the latest science with ceremonial and Indigenous teachings and practices. He is the founder of Breathwave and a teacher to hundreds of breathwork practitioners around the world.

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What you will experience

  • Help move toxins out of the body so your cells are able to take in more oxygen-rich blood.
  • Clear energy blocks by changing the body's chemistry through circular breathing.
  • Reduce mental activity and drop into brainwave states where peace and gratitude reside.
  • Access memories, visions, or new insights that may arise throughout the process.
  • Reach an altered state of consciousness where you're more receptive to ideas and inspirations.
  • Cultivate presence and awareness of your inner world and greater connection with yourself.
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How to prepare

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Sound. Wireless headphones or a safe space to turn up the volume is recommended.

Robin Clements
Robin Clements

Your guide

Your guides

Robin Clements is an international leader in the field of Conscious Breathing. He is a vibrational medicine specialist, a surfer, yogi and a father.

What has most profoundly shaped me above all is the medicine of my own breath, the ocean, the waves, the fire, the sweat lodge, indigenous families and culture, traveling, teaching, surfing and each and every circle that gathers with shared intent.

Dedicated as a Senior Trainer for The Transformational Breath Foundation from 2003 – 2010 I learned what was wanting to come through me and how to present the material to others. In the last several years each offering of breath ceremony and the Breathwave Facilitators Training Program has returned to the container of the circle where we are all equal and respectfully listening to one another. We continue to bridge science and spirituality, the mind and the heart, the body and our breath and in practice we establish fundamental union and connection through true present moment awareness and authentic enjoyment of life."


"This was my second breathwork experience, and I'm so glad I attended. Robin was an excellent facilitator who provided real-time and helpful feedback during the session; he, and other attendees, created a really lovely, safe container. I had several very powerful emotional and physical experiences during the session which were an important part of some ongoing plant medicine integration. I definitely intend to attend future workshops!"

- Kiki