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The Ceremonial Life: Community Q&A

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The Ceremonial Life: Community Q&A


January 10, 2024

Monthly (Every 2nd Wednesday)


Monthly (Every 2nd Wednesday)


Monthly (Every 2nd Wednesday)


60 minutes


Monthly (Every 2nd Wednesday)






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About this event

As awareness expands through psychedelic medicine, so does our outlook on life. The choice to adopt a ceremonial lifestyle means saying YES to the full spectrum of both the spiritual and human experience. These include expansive moments of pure joy, revolutionary opportunities and downright miracles; as well as dark and disorienting times, challenging contractions that reveal our vulnerabilities and test our limits.

The psychonaut must learn to shift and navigate through varying spaces and environments, emotions and thoughts, roles and realities; needing to adapt to constant, abrupt and profound transformation and change.

In times of uncertainty, community & mentorship integrate our experience.

Join The Ceremonial Life: Community Q&A call to get clarity, support and advisory for your ceremonial journey and psychedelic-positive lifestyle. Bring in any question or topic you wish to receive guidance on from your Nectara community.

Any topic relevant to the ceremonial path is welcome, including and not limited to:

  • Preparing for, navigating and integrating medicine journeys
  • Macro/microdosing, therapeutic/recreational trips
  • Daily ritual & integration practices
  • Shamanism
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Managing mental and emotional wellness
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Service & vocation, psychedelic careers
  • Interpretation of psychedelic visions
  • Creativity & self expression
  • Living on purpose

Led by Nectara’s Director of Integration, Shiri Godasi.

What you will experience

  • Learn how to live every day as a ceremony.
  • Understand psychedelic wellness as a lifestyle.
  • Go beyond psychedelics in exploring well-being.
  • Implement new strategies for integration.
  • Get support and guidance from an expert.
  • Connect with others walking the path with you.
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How to prepare

Bring a question. Explore curiosities you have about storytelling.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Shiri Godasi
Shiri Godasi

Your guide

Your guides

Shiri Godasi is a mother, global medicine woman, integration therapist, author & poet, visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. A creative educator for 25 years, she is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering people to step into radical authenticity & conscious leadership to co-create a just world.

A "teacher to teachers,” Shiri is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 entheogenic harm reduction organizations, founding and directing a professional psychedelic therapy & creative leadership training program, and innovating a proven integration treatment protocol called The Psyched Soul™ Method.
Shiri specializes in multidimensional, quantum-leap life transformations, soul code recovery & realignment. Her approach draws from consciousness & cosmology, transpersonal psychology, quantum healing, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle.