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Designing an integration roadmap

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Designing an integration roadmap


August 4, 2022




90 minutes







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About this event

Without a plan to fall back on, it's easy to float around walking our journey. A blueprint can help us clarify who we are, what we need, and where we want to go. This workshop will help you some of the tools and understanding to help you create a powerful and actionable roadmap to guide your way.

For this workshop we will be referring to Nectara's Integration Roadmap, downloadable below. We recommend having a look at the document before attending and giving it a go. On the call we can chat about your process and share any questions or blocks you may have around certain aspects of the process.

Our integration roadmap can help you:

  • Define a compass statement
  • Create a guiding mantra for your journey
  • Write a touchstone word
  • Themes you would like to explore
  • Deep inquiry questions for self-discovery
  • Your priorities for the year ahead
  • Your key actions
  • Understanding your support systems

View Nectara's Roadmapping Tool

What you will experience

  • Learn a simple but powerful roadmapping framework.
  • Envision your highest path and design a way there.
  • Better understand what truly matters to you.
  • Embrace and call in the support available to you.
  • Leverage the power of mantras and touchstone words.
  • Remove clutter and distractions from your integration journey.
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How to prepare

Open mind. Drop what you think you know to imagine a new path forward.

Read. Check out the roadmapping tool and if you'd like, start filling it out.

Ceremony. Plan sacred time in a calm space to be present with the group.

Pascal Tremblay
Pascal Tremblay

Your guide

Your guides

Pascal is Nectara's co-founder and lives in beautiful Kaslo, BC. As an eternal believer in the potential of humanity, he loves to work at the intersection of strategy and psychedelics to help people bridge the insights they have received into tangible, sustainable, and clear action. His professional background in strategy and design started in 1999. Along the way he started focusing his time and energy entirely on socially conscious people and brands to help them understand and clarify who they are, what they stand for, and their purpose in the world.

He's grateful to be able to begin offering more strategy workshops for Nectara's community to help them translate psychedelic experiences into extraordinary lives.


I'm deeply enjoying and learning so much from all the great experiences that Nectara hosts, thank you!

- Eric Kim