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Exploring Psychedelics and Retreats for Beginners Q&A

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Exploring Psychedelics and Retreats for Beginners Q&A


March 27, 2024



11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 CET





60 minutes








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About this event

Are you curious about the world of psychedelics, plant medicines, and retreats but find yourself navigating a maze of questions? We know it can feel like stepping into a new universe.

Making the decision to embark on a psychedelic journey is significant and deeply personal. Questions like "Which medicine suits me?" or "How do I prepare for this life-altering experience?" are not just common, but crucial.

You're not alone in this quest for answers. Nectara and Retreat Guru are here to illuminate your path, ensuring your journey is not only safe but also transformative and positive.

Introducing our Exploring Psychedelics & Retreats for Beginners Q&A – a judgment-free zone where all your inquiries about psychedelics, retreats, and personalized paths are welcomed and addressed. This is your sanctuary to gain clarity and support in your unique journey.

Hosted in collaboration with our partners at Retreat Guru, we offer you reliable insights from experts who deeply understand the psychedelic realm. Our mission is to empower and support you, ensuring you step into this journey with confidence and clear guidance.

Join the next call on March 27 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM CET. Whether you bring a question or simply join to absorb new knowledge, we're excited to have you with us.

Joining is absolutely free! For those seeking a deeper, more personal guidance, we also offer 30-minute consultations with a trusted Nectara guide.

What you will experience

  • Understand which medicine might be a good fit.
  • Clarify if psychedelics are your next best step.
  • Better prepare for your upcoming journey.
  • Learn ways to vet and select your retreat location.
  • Gain knowledge on the effects of different plant medicines.
  • Understand why integration is such a key to sustainable change.
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How to prepare

Bring a question. Explore curiosities you have about storytelling.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Shiri Godasi
Shiri Godasi

Your guide

Your guides

Shiri Godasi is a mother, global medicine woman, integration therapist, author & poet, visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. A creative educator for 25 years, she is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering people to step into radical authenticity & conscious leadership to co-create a just world.

A "teacher to teachers,” Shiri is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 entheogenic harm reduction organizations, founding and directing a professional psychedelic therapy & creative leadership training program, and innovating a proven integration treatment protocol called The Psyched Soul™ Method.

Shiri specializes in multidimensional, quantum-leap life transformations, soul code recovery & realignment. Her approach draws from consciousness & cosmology, transpersonal psychology, quantum healing, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle.