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Fall Equinox Ceremony: Sound, Qigong Breathwork, Meditation

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Fall Equinox Ceremony: Sound, Qigong Breathwork, Meditation


September 20, 2022







90 minutes




Donation to IRI




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About this event

All funds raised for this experience will be donated to our partners at Chacruna’s Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative. The IRI is a non-profit supporting 20 different Indigenous communities across the Americas in true reciprocity.

We are excited to offer this community experience in a co-created space of deep inner journeying with sound, qigong breathwork, movement, and meditation.

Fall is a time of renewal, change, and transitions. We're welcoming this change in seasons with a community integration experience using sound frequencies, qigong, breath, and meditation. When we take a moment to pause and appreciate Earth's bounty and the cyclical nature of life, we deepen our relationship with all that surrounds us, including each other.

Join us in offering thanks for the winds of transformation that move us and experience and celebrate our strength and resilience as a community.

By cultivating gratitude, respect for all of life, and embodying a sense of reciprocity, we can live every day as a ceremony.

Join live online with folks in Toronto

Integrative sound practitioner Phil Jacobs has brought together the best minds from all over the world to ensure the best quality of sound so the experience can be immersive as if you were in the physical space. This is a hybrid event, bringing together the community in person and online, broadcasting live from Toronto!

What you will experience

  • Contemplate your journey with breath and presence
  • Integrate previous psychedelic experiences
  • Relieve tension, anxiety, and stress
  • Relax into a deeper more restful sleep
  • Studies have shown sound meditation can help with pain relief
  • Connect with intentions, guides, or your higher self
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How to prepare

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Sound. Wireless headphones or a safe space to turn up the volume is recommended.

Phil Jacobs
Phil Jacobs

Your guide

Your guides

Philip Jacobs is a sound healer and vibrational therapist, and retired (12 Years) Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist based in Toronto. He has been using vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) and song for over 25 years and in his private practice for mental health, addictions and chronic illness.

Phil approaches sound therapy through a branch of Chinese medicine called medical qigong. This ancient form of Chinese medicine is a complete system of health care that identifies the root causes of symptoms, and treats the body and mind as a whole. It is often practiced as an adjunct to Western medicine, as it may treat people with conditions that Western medicine finds ambiguous. Where Western medicine looks at individual organs, Eastern medicine looks at organ systems, with organs as the central point of these main systems.

He leads a Sound Therapy Certificate Program in Toronto.


I am very grateful for the experience of sound and rhythm and journey. The intentions and rhythms were powerful and brought me both deeply into myself as well as into connection with love and a larger sense of connection and peace. Thank you.

- Anthony