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Lunar Circle - A women's support group

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Lunar Circle - A women's support group


August 23, 2022











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About this event

The Lunar Circle is a facilitated women's support group to help us connect with the powerful inner feminine and masculine we all carry within us. We'll explore how we've been relating to these polarities and how we can work with them to create a life of ease and balance.

Come as you are - join us as we show up with open hearts and cultivate greater connection with ourselves while receiving the warm, loving comfort of sisterhood.

What about trans, two spirit and non-binary folks ?

We realize this is exclusive, and in doing so we may not provide safety or a sense of welcoming to trans, two spirit, non-binary or queer folks.

We are in the process of setting up a similar container for LGTBQ2S+ folks. We have also created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council to help shape and guide us beyond our limitations, and support us in creating safer spaces for all people. We are working to develop resources and engage in gender-affirming and anti-racist training for our team, guides, and collaborators.

As we expand our team of guides, we will have more capacity to facilitate informed, skilled, diversified community offerings necessary to actually hold more folks more safely and more authentically. If you'd like to contribute to this effort or join our DEI council, please get in touch.

What you will experience

  • Be lovingly challenged to explore deep waters of your emotional and psychic bodies
  • Receive guidance into deep nourishing rest with practices like meditation and breathwork
  • Feel safe and held enough to laugh, cry, and feel more fully without fear of judgement
  • Tap into your vision for the future and set clear intentions for what you're calling in
  • Receive support from sisters to step into your expansive potential, power, and integrity
  • Connect with other women who are on a journey of healing, growth, and empowerment
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How to prepare

Intention. What are you releasing in your life? What are you calling in?

Ceremony. Plan sacred time in a calm space to be present with the group.

Writing. Bring your journal to share or jot down any insights that arise.

Erin Rose Ward
Erin Rose Ward

Your guide

Your guides

Erin Rose is a teacher and guide. She offers embodiment practices such as yoga, The Class, dance, breathwork, and yoga nidra. She is a student of eastern and western psychology as well as the plant medicine path. She offers multiple retreats in the US and abroad each year.

She offers one on one coaching including support in psychedelic integration and trauma healing.

Join Erin in person at her HEARTMINDS Retreat in Costa Rica, from October 31st to November 6th, 2022. Click here to learn more.


"The lunar circle was a full body experience and I loved it. We all came together so effortlessly while loving and supporting one another even though we were all complete strangers. You could just feel the warm support from all the women coming together, it was magical, it was nourishing and it won't be something that I will soon forget."