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Psychedelic Integration Circle

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Psychedelic Integration Circle


February 7, 2023

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About this event

The integrative and connective power of being seen and heard, without judgment in a safe space with others, is transformative. Join the circle and share about your journey, challenges, and insights in a private online space, facilitated by Nectara guides Chris Rodman and Lindsay Thompson.

Everyone is welcome, no matter where you're at on your path of psychedelic integration.


  • Respect for everyone with no judgement
  • What is said in the circle stays in the circle
  • Be on time
  • You’re coming into a sacred community space
  • Appreciate silence and emergence
  • Not everyone has to share
  • Understand the power of words and choose yours wisely
  • Whatever wants to come up in respect and kindness is welcomed in the space
  • Be mindful of the time allotted to each person to keep things within the time container
  • Mute yourself when it's not your turn to speak
  • Share opinions from a place of personal experience, rather than preaching to others
  • Keep an open mind and heart when feeling triggered and stay receptive to new ideas

What you will experience

  • Be seen, heard, and witnessed without judgement.
  • Share your story, your challenges, or your progress.
  • Integrate a recent psychedelic experience.
  • Connect with the power of shared humanity.
  • Process emotions and feelings in a safe space.
  • Receive guidance from our experienced guides.
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How to prepare

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Chris Rodman & Lindsay Thompson
Chris Rodman & Lindsay Thompson

Your guide

Your guides

Lindsay Thompson

In the last 10 years, Lindsay has trained in various therapeutic modalities, including Somatic work, Pre and Perinatal work, Integration coaching, and Inquiry work. Lindsay has over twelve years experience working in shamanic and ceremonial containers, and also has specific training in yoga, meditation and shamanic practices.
She is also an honoured initiate in a Sufi lineage as well as a Mesa Carrier of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.​ From her studies in Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Traditional Herbalism, she brings knowledge of herbal medicine and daily lifestyle practices as a foundational support system to a person’s healing journey.

Book an integration or preparation session with Lindsay.

Chris Rodman

In 2010 Chris experienced his first plant medicine ceremony; this set in motion a motorcycle journey across South America and an ongoing relationship, healing, and education with the wisdom of the Plant Teachers. Visiting the Amazon is now a regular part of life that informs him ever more deeply about the interconnectivity of all things. It is with great respect, humility, and gratitude that Chris continues his work with entheogens.

He is a certified addictions recovery and psycho-spiritual integration coach. With a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and trained as a CHEK Practitioner, Chris is well connected in the holistic elements of human health and fitness.

Chris is a husband and father who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. He has retired from a long career crew leading in wildfire suppression, to follow and feed the fire in his heart about serving those who feel called to growth and transformation; pointing to the shaman in each one of us.

Book an integration or preparation session with Chris.


An incredibly moving experience.

Dr. Anthony Giordano