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Psychedelic Integration Circle

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Psychedelic Integration Circle


June 17, 2023

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About this event

The integrative and connective power of being seen and heard, without judgment in a safe space with others, is transformative. Join the circle and witness or share about your healing journey in a private online space. Facilitated by Nectara guide Mijal Schmidt. Mijal is an experienced psychotherapist and plant medicine integration specialist.

Everyone is welcome, no matter where you're at on your path of psychedelic integration. Our guide will help facilitate the conversation with the group.

What to expect

  • Be seen, heard, and witnessed without judgment.
  • Share your story, your challenges, or your progress, if you would like.
  • Sharing is optional, you can also just be a witness.
  • Integrate a recent psychedelic experience.
  • Connect with the power of shared humanity.
  • Process emotions and feelings in a safe space.
  • Receive guidance from an experienced guide.

The circle is not a replacement for therapy or professional mental health support.

What you will experience

  • Integrate a recent psychedelic experience with others.
  • Be seen, heard, and witnessed without judgement.
  • Share your story, your challenges, or your progress.
  • Connect with the power of shared humanity.
  • Process emotions and feelings in a safe space.
  • Receive guidance from our experienced psychedelic integration guides.
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How to prepare

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Mijal Schmidt
Mijal Schmidt

Your guide

Your guides

Mijal Schmidt

Mijal is an integration specialist, a licensed psychotherapist and an integration coach at ICEERS.

"I am a clinician at heart, very early on in life, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to being a reader of human desire as the life force.

I studied psychology at the same time as psychoanalysis and nurtured my practice with studies in trauma, therapeutic accompaniment and musicology.

I dedicated several years of my career to working as a crisis intervention psychologist in various settings, with different populations, making me sensitive to cultural differences, mental health divergences and subjective specificities.

I was the founder and director of a clinical institute called Lazo y Voz which specialized in working with severe mental impairment. Through therapeutic accompaniment and therapy, we strengthen their reintegration into the social fabric after a crisis.

While deepening my knowledge from a western perspective, I started experimenting with plant medicines. Combined with my analytical process, I found the blending of both worlds to be prolific and clarifying of my own human experience, which in turn gave me more elements to work with others. I´ve worked with traditional healers (curanderos) from Colombia, Perú, and México.

In 2015, I travelled to Peru to diet and share my own expertise with the therapists in Takiwasi. Through this experience, my love for ikaros led me to pursue academic research as part of a healing modality available from ancient wisdom, integrating this into my work today. I've worked from the Shipibo perspective to understand the elements that are key to the transmission and acquisition of healing properties through sound."

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An incredibly moving experience.

Dr. Anthony Giordano