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Movement as Medicine


September 1, 2022


4:00 pm


5:30 pm



90 minutes


Preparation and Integration





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About this event

Many of us live in the mind and out of our body. Movement is emotions processed and expressed through the intuitive flow of the body. It helps us connect back.

This community event is a space of exploration and cultivation of deep listening to the wisdom of our bodies. It is an invitation to step into curiosity and explore the wisdom that lives within us. The practices and inquiry within the circle offer an opportunity to slow down and connect with our breath and our felt sense experience. From this place of stillness and attunement, we open to receive guidance from our bodies about what it is we need in order to live more fully into our wholeness. The circle provides a container for reconnecting with ourselves and each other in a way that honors our uniqueness and honors the wisdom of the body. It is an invitation to remember who we are and to rediscover the joy of being alive.

Potential benefits

  • Discover what emotions or feelings your body is wanting to express.
  • Clear emotional baggage and work through challenges.
  • Drop into the body and give your busy mind a rest.
  • Process a recent psychedelic experience… Or embody your intentions for an upcoming one.
  • Become more familiar with your body and attuning to its wisdom.
  • Enjoy some good music and move your body!

How to prepare

Sound. Wireless headphones or a safe space to turn up the volume is recommended.

Space. Make sure you have an open space to move freely. Being outside is fine.

Comfort. Light and comfortable clothing is recommended for unrestricted movement.

Your guide

Your guides

Born in Brazil, Lailla grew up influenced by the Seicho-No-Ie, a Japanese philosophy that started shaping her life and giving her a strong base of understanding on how to live harmoniously and happy through conscious actions and mindset.

During her young years, she had a deep curiosity about spirituality and a natural ability to sense energetic shifts. At the age of 15, she started practicing Yoga. "It was love at first sight." says Lailla

Later in her life, she moved to Australia, where she experienced a powerful Breathwork session which gave her life a full turn!
She then started to dive deep into the studies of tantra, ancient traditions and shamanic practices.

Curious about the mysteries of life and energy, in Brazil, she trained to become an Access Bars Facilitator and in Australia, she completed her Reiki Masters.

Her studies took her to Costa Rica where she became a yoga Teacher and Breathwork facilitator. And to other parts of the world where she continued to study Tantra, Movement Practices, and various ancient tradition.

Since then, Lailla has been leading workshops and retreats with the focus on reconnecting people with their innate wisdom and truth as well as peeling the layers of inauthenticity so they have an opportunity to fully acknowledge the powerful beings that they are.


I can still feel the experience vibrating in here, and it resonates as joy, confidence, and ease which are the fuel I needed to take action towards plans and dreams.


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