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Psychedelic Sharing Circle

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Psychedelic Sharing Circle


January 24, 2024

Every month


10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 19:30 CET

Every month


Every month


90 minutes


Every month






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About this event

The integrative and connective power of being seen and heard, without judgment, in a safe space with others, can be transformative. Our sharing circles are all about genuine connection and are lightly facilitated to help guide the flow of things. Join the circle to share your story, meet new people, or come to get support, wherever you are at in your journey with psychedelics. Everyone is welcome but spaces are limited to 8 people.

This circle is hosted by Nectara guide Nigel Pedlingham, based in Amsterdam.

What to expect

  • Be seen, heard, and witnessed without judgment.
  • Share your story, your challenges, or your questions.
  • Integrate a recent psychedelic experience.
  • Connect with the power of shared humanity.
  • Receive guidance from an experienced guide.

The integration circle aims to provide a safe, supportive space for members to process their experiences and foster growth, healing, and personal transformation. The circle is not a replacement for therapy or professional mental health support.

What you will experience

  • Integrate a recent psychedelic experience with others.
  • Be seen, heard, and witnessed without judgement.
  • Share your story, your challenges, or simply just listen.
  • Connect with the power of shared humanity.
  • Process emotions and feelings in a safe space.
  • Receive guidance from our experienced psychedelic integration guides.
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How to prepare

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Ceremony. Approaching the experience as a tiny little ceremony can help you dive deeper into the experience.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Nigel Pedlingham
Nigel Pedlingham

Your guide

Your guides

Nigel Pedlingham

I bring a unique blend of experience to service, formed from 50 years of a well trodden pathA journey with many twists and turns, I have  lived in the UK (London and Brighton), The Netherlands, and Nicaragua, and worked and traveled extensively across Europe, The Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

I undertook my first solo round-the-world trip when I was just 18 and ever since hitting the road has been one of my main forms of contemplative and spiritual practice over the years since.  

My professional  experience spans the corporate, non-profit, volunteer and the healing and self-development sectors. I have truly worked from the boardroom to the bush and everything in between, working with CEOs, government ministers, community health workers, digital human rights campaigners, the homeless, the queer community, spiritual seekers and those in search of healing. Along the way have been a few serious burnouts, some broken hearts, a coming out and the finding of true love - all of which have contributed to my  personal process emergence and growth. Plant medicines and other practices of altered states of consciousness (ASC) have become an integral part of my own life and personal development  journey. I am thankful to them for facilitating a wondrous remembering in terms of my own personal spiritual beliefs and existential wisdom and for deepening by sense of inner peace and presence .  

It is my honour to support others on their journeys.

As a guide, ceremony leader and psychedelic facilitator I enjoy supporting others to develop a more conscious and authentic connection with themselves and what’s around them. I truly believe that healing and broadening horizons at the individual level not only fosters individual growth, wellbeing and creativity but actively contributes to the collective of our society. In 2020 I founded MAGUEY, a practice for healing and growth based in Amsterdam. MAGUEY supports seekers to connect more deeply with Self, Surrounding and Spirit. At its heart are a number of transformational coaching programmes that support those who wish to consciously integrate psychedelics into their pathways of growth.

I am currently the chair of Guild of Guides Netherlands, the professional association of facilitators of legal psychedelic experiences in the Netherlands.

I am British by birth but my home is in Amsterdam. I am married to my husband of 9 years, a father to our grown up daughter and also a young puppy. I am a lover of nature, stillness, and the unknown. I consider myself (in the humblest of fashions) to be a modern mystic in the making.

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An incredibly moving experience.

Dr. Anthony Giordano