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Psychedelic Storytelling for Change

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Psychedelic Storytelling for Change


September 28, 2022




60 minutes







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About this event

The stories we have about ourselves, people, and the world shape our experience of life, whether we're aware of them or not.

Research and studies into psychology on therapeutic storytelling show evidence that human beings think, perceive, imagine and make moral choices according to narrative structures.

Ancient cultures have used stories to teach, heal, inspire hope, honour, and continue the oral tradition of their people.

Psychedelics have the power to reveal stories that have been hidden in our subconscious, giving us a golden opportunity to take greater ownership of the narratives that lead our lives.

Join us for a panel discussion with Cory Firth (Nikean Foundation) and Mareesa Stertz (Lucid News) on How Psychedelic Stories Can Change the World. We'll discuss the power of storytelling and the crucial role it plays in psychedelic preparation, integration, healing, inner transformation, and sociocultural change.

What you will experience

  • The role that stories play on your path of inner transformation
  • How story work can help you prepare for and integrate journeys
  • Storytelling as a form of education about safe psychedelic use
  • Reframing stories from early life experiences for empowerment
  • Story sharing as an evolutionary tool for catalyzing social change
  • Increasing access to psychedelic medicines through storytelling
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How to prepare

Bring a question. Explore curiosities you have about storytelling.

Open mind. Drop what you think you know to imagine a new path forward.

Writing. Bring your journal to share or jot down any insights that arise.

Cory Firth and Mareesa Stertz
Cory Firth and Mareesa Stertz

Your guide

Your guides

Cory Firth, Chief Storyteller @ Nikean Foundation

Cory is a human-impact community builder, communications entrepreneur and plant medicine advocate who has spent the last 5 years building communities in the mental health and wellness space including his work as the former Executive Director of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. After a 20 year battle with depression, Cory has committed his career to a vision of the future where the stigmatization of mental illness is replaced with compassion, transformation and community connection; a world where we work together to reunite with our innate abilities to transform, overcome and actualize our full potential. Cory is passionate about creating an open, empowered and collaborative community of psychedelic wellness advocates to advance the mental health of our society.

Mareesa Stertz, Co-founder @ Lucid News

Mareesa Stertz is a filmmaker, storyteller, community organizer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is a cofounder at Lucid News and the producer and host of the documentary series The Healing Powers (of Psychedelics and Other Mindful Practices) currently streaming on Gaia TV. She has shared her stories of working with psychedelics on stages internationally as well as in educational settings for the Synthesis Psilocybin Practitioner Training Program and currently teaches storytelling workshops at retreats, as online courses, and for psychedelic preparation and integration.She is passionate about using story to illuminate the powerful transformation that comes from navigating trauma, and her work is heavily informed by her own journey of personal growth which has taken her all around the world, filming with the curanderos of Peru to the holy men of India. She has a BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, and her films have been featured by Gaia TV, Viceland, Indigenous Films, Merry Jane, and Participant.She is currently in development on a one-woman play that celebrates the adventure in healing and is in postproduction on a documentary chronicling her travels in Peru with Ayahuasca, (which she thought didn't work for her). Youcan see her first feature length film "Damanhur, the Documentary" on the spiritual intentional community on Gaia TV.