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Psychedelics 101

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Free Q&A

Psychedelics 101


August 30, 2022







90 minutes








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About this event

Are you new to the psychedelic experience or want to level up your own process in entering and leaving altered states in a good way? Join us for our free monthly Psychedelics 101 workshops where you will get more information on our integration philosophy and get to ask any questions you may have on psychedelics, harm reduction, preparation, or integration.

People of all experience levels and any questions you may have are welcomed. If you know someone about to enter a psychedelic experience for the first time, this offering may be a particularly useful resource for them.

What you will experience

  • Better understand the basics of psychedelic preparation and integration.
  • Learn ways to decide which medicine may be helpful to your path.
  • Increase your ability to vet a psychedelic facilitator or retreat.
  • Learn new modalities and practices to help you integrate your experience.
  • Enter your psychedelic experience in a safer and more empowered way.
  • Come ask any question you may have!
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How to prepare

Bring a question. Explore curiosities you have about storytelling.

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Writing. Bring your journal to share or jot down any insights that arise.

Louis, Aga, and Deus
Louis, Aga, and Deus

Your guide

Your guides

Aga Somaheart

Aga is a trauma informed Breathwork practitioner, Kambo and Bufo facilitator, and plant medicine guide. She has over 10 years of professional experience working in a variety of healing arts and spirit plant medicines. Her journey of awakening started off young in her early 20's in South America with Ayuahuasca. In 2011, she was working at a Ayahuasca healing retreat center that collaborated with curanderos of the Shipibo linage in Pucallpa, Peru. Aga's approach to healing is a holistic combination of both Western and Eastern approaches, infused with Earth-based teachings, magic and playfulness.

Deus Fortier

Deus is an Accelerated Evolution Coach, Transformational Artist, Numa Breathwork practitioner and Plant Medicine facilitator based out of Vancouver BC. He has over 15 years of experience in the immersive study and practice in non-ordinary states of consciousness, Kriya Yoga, body-centered psychotherapeutic methods, art therapy, embodiment practices and trauma-informed facilitation. Deus' exposure to many different esoteric and psychotherapeutic principles and practices has informed a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing.

Louis Belleau

Louis is our lovely community manager at Nectara. Originally from Hong Kong and Montreal, Louis is a yoga and mindfulness teacher as well as an explorer of altered states of consciousness. He has a degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Religious Studies from McGill University. He's the founder of How To Use Psychedelics and the Psygaia psychedelic community.


The presenters did a wonderful job of explaining the many aspect of psychedelics - well informed - know their material very well, articulate and most of all very caring. 

- Julie