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We are moving towards healing


Pascal Tremblay

June 7, 2022

3 min read

As the summer energy emerges and the flowers are entering full bloom, we find ourselves amid powerful seasonal shifts. The bees are busy pollinating once again, and the plants are bursting out of the ground after months of hibernation. Life is rising at the tune of songbirds. If we pause and observe what is happening, we notice the miracles happening. These shifts happen not only outside of us in the natural world but also within us.

What is our relationship to movement in our own lives? How do we interface with change? With death? How grounded are we within life’s ups and downs? How supported do we feel while going through change? Is our body moving enough, or are we feeling stagnant? Are we moving our life force well with our breath, or could we use more fire in our belly? Are we moving towards our highest path?

We are moving as part of a collective movement

Everything is in motion all the time. Movement can create new worlds, and contemplating our relationship to it is an invitation to clarify our understanding of ourselves and our roles within the shifts and turns of life.

Collectively, we are moving a lot. It’s been an intense time for many folks, and we’re working through some beautiful questions on what it means to be a human living within an interconnected web of life. There’s a lot to untangle there, but we’re doing the work. Seemingly, it can be a lonely path at times. But we are all walking the path together and moving towards what we truly need and want. If you look between the stories and the noise, you can see it happening.

We are moving towards healing.

We are moving towards embracing the shadows. The dark side of the mountain is often left unseen.

We are moving towards the mystery and trusting it more and more.

We are moving towards power led with kindness and wisdom.

We are moving towards deep listening. Listening to our innate wisdom, listening to the voices of people who are suffering, and listening to the whispers of our living planet.

We are moving towards eco rather than ego.

We are moving towards ourselves and coming back home.

We are moving forward by looking back and uplifting Indigenous ways of being in the world and ancient wisdom traditions.

We are moving towards community spaces where we support one another instead of walking the journey alone.

We are moving back into right relationship with life on earth.

We are moving towards connecting with our lineages and honouring our ancestors.

We are moving away from just using our heads and operating from the heart and being intuitive and creative beings again.

The importance of taking action

Call me an optimist if you’d like, but I am an eternal believer in the potential of humanity. If we work together and we imagine the world we want to live in, we can do anything. It’s not easy, but nothing so beautiful comes easy.

All the pain and suffering have led us to this unique moment in history where some of us have the immense privilege of being able to transmute it into wisdom and light. And offer support to others around us, wherever they may be at. Healing is not always accessible, and there are some basic needs we need to empower others on before they can even have access to any movement towards healing.

To create change within and outside of us, we need to take action. Movement is the bridge that brings us from shadows to light, and the intention to carry us forward isn’t always enough. We need to spark movement with action. Not nervous, jittery “I need to change right now” movement, but gentle, kind, and patient movement.

Even if the path ahead might be curvy, messy, and tangled up, I always find solace in knowing that others are walking the same journey as I am. We all have challenging work to do, but it’s beautiful and transformative work. Work that is calling us towards movement.

Thanks for all you do on your journey back home.

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