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Introduction to the Ritual and Integration of Microdosing

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Introduction to the Ritual and Integration of Microdosing


July 11, 2023

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About this event

We believe that to go deeper with microdosing, it's time for us to move beyond technical protocols by centering our relationship with the medicines as plant teachers and allies. This can be achieved through the potency of ritual.

We invite you to our workshop on the ritual and integration of microdosing. Whether you're a complete beginner or have tried microdosing before, this workshop is designed to support you in creating a rich daily practice of incremental insight, healing, and growth in your life.

Led by Nectara guide Marci Moberg, you’ll join like-minded peers on the path in this experiential workshop including lecture, practical integration exercises, and time to answer your pressing microdosing questions. Our time together will support you to infuse more intention into your everyday life, build a deeper relationship with yourself, and feel more connected to nature.

We believe sacred plant medicines are calling us back into belonging with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Ritual microdosing is one way to start answering their call.

Partnerships and offers

We're co-hosting this event in partnership with our friends at Ground Sounds and Neurodose. Attendees will receive an exclusive discount code to their offerings!

Get expert microdosing guidance

Are you curious about microdosing or want to get more out of your existing practice? Book a 1:1 session with one of our carefully vetted microdosing guides.

What you will experience

  • What is ritual microdosing and its benefits.
  • How to find the right dose for meaningful connection.
  • How to bring potency to your practice through a two-lens approach.
  • How to craft a meaningful intention.
  • How to bring ritual and ceremony into your microdosing practice.
  • Working with microdosing to prepare for or integrate a macro psychedelic journey.
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How to prepare

Bring a question. Explore curiosities you have about storytelling.

Space. Look for a quiet and distraction-free environment so that you can be fully present.

Comfort. Make sure you are in a comfortable spot and grab some water before joining.

Marci Moberg
Marci Moberg

Your guide

Your guides

My first ceremonial experience with sacred psilocybin mushrooms came when I reached an impassable wall after a decade of therapy. To my surprise, the experience finally lifted the heavy cloud of complex PTSD. And gifted me with my most spiritually significant experience to date.  

As I kept sitting with the sacred fungi, to my surprise, they shared an important message. My sacred purpose is in service to the sacred plants and fungi. Supporting people’s healing with “the plants on center stage” to do their healing work. Feeling a profound truth in their message, I said yes.

My work is born from two decades dedicated to my own personal growth, healing, and spiritual exploration. Through my deep inner work, I have overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression due to complex PTSD. And transformed a personal history of intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, chronic illness, sexual assault, divorce, miscarriage, and the unique challenges that emerge from being a highly sensitive and empathic person. This journey led me to wade through the layers of my personal underworld and emerge with greater wisdom, compassion, and love for myself and others.  

Now I support others to do the same.

I’ve always valued a holistic and integrated approach to healing and growth. Initially starting my path with deep dives into spiritual teachings of diverse modern and ancient traditions including Orthodox and Mystical Islam, Buddhism (Theravada, Nyingma, and Zen) Classical Hatha Raja Yoga, the Divine Feminine, Folk Herbalism and Magic, The Poison Path, Animism, and Earth-Based Spirituality. And along the way incorporating the worlds of life coaching, trauma therapy, somatics, parts integration work, and psychedelics/plant medicines. In other words, my work is a fusion of my own personal experience and studies to explore the transpersonal, interpersonal, and intrapersonal realms of healing and growth.  

For the past nine years, I’ve been dedicated full-time to supporting sensitive people to reconnect to their intuition and embody their Wisdom. My grounded approach is equal parts transcendent and practical. Bridging the personal, relational, and the collective. And drawing from a rich toolkit I’ve developed over the years, including somatic trauma resolution, shadow/parts integration work, dreamwork, ancestral healing, plant consciousness, mindfulness, life coaching, ritual arts, and past life regression, to name a few.  

I’m honoured to be a part of the Nectara team and look forward to supporting your unique path of healing and growth.

Much love,


Very well prepared, concise, and clear. Content, pace and visuals were all excellent!

Past participants rated the workshop 9.75/10