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Co-creating a revolution of well-being

Collaboration is a way of being for us. With psychedelics, no one has all the answers. We are always on the lookout for purpose-aligned partners to help support people and the ethical expansion of the psychedelic space. Let's break the silos, find the synergies, and amplify beautiful missions together.

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Psychedelic Partnership

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For organizations

If you're a psychedelic business or non-profit that wants to participate in the expansion of the space in an ethical way, let's work together and co-create offerings and collaborations that help support people on their journey of transformation.


For psychedelic facilitators

Leveraging our ecosystem of support can quickly enhance the beautiful work you're already doing so you can focus on what you do best.


For psychedelic retreats

Nectara makes it easy to enhance psychedelic support offered to your guests and generate additional revenue.


For microdose companies

Enhance your product offering and stand out from the rest with our library of microdosing integration resources and group integration programs led by Nectara guides.

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