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Physiology of Trauma

Practical tools and knowledge to transform how you relate to trauma, your clients, family, and community.

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Physiology of Trauma

What you will learn

  • Transform the way you relate to your own trauma and healing path.
  • Practical somatic relational therapy tools and knowledge.
  • The role psychedelics can play in resolving trauma.
  • How traumatic memories are embedded in the nervous system.
  • Hold space for others in a more embodied and empowered way.
  • The root causes of trauma, including its effect on the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Recognize trauma in all of its forms and expressions.
  • Become an influential force in revolutionizing our mental health system.

Class outline

Runtime: 5.5 hrs

The Physiology of Unprocessed Trauma

Systemic Roots of Disease

Solutions to Trauma

A comprehensive dive into trauma

Unprocessed trauma is the most significant yet often misunderstood roadblock to health and embodied wellness, underlying the vast majority of mental health, physical health, and addiction issues. This masterclass covers the physiology of trauma—from how it shapes neural networks to its impact on our broader physiology, relationships, and society. You’ll learn how to better understand trauma in your own body and life, how to support others, and how to better integrate your psychedelic experiences.

This masterclass is just the beginning. By joining, you will receive a free month of access to Nectara's Circle community with people just like you wanting to live a more embodied life. Inside the community, you will have access to monthly events, Q&As with experts, new educational videos, peer support, and somatic therapy training opportunities with Sasha. Our goal? Help elevate society with more trauma-integrated people doing deep work on themselves and helping others address our mental health crisis.

If you’re on a healing journey, a therapist, an integration coach, healthcare worker, a parent, or simply wish to grasp the vital relationship between trauma, psychedelics, and health, this masterclass is for you.

Sasha’s depth of knowledge of trauma and being trauma-informed is astounding. He can clearly articulate his vast knowledge and experience in an embodied way, making for a powerful learning environment.

Payton Nyquvest
CEO, Numinus

Sasha is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and caring. He teaches deep insights and effective techniques that I had not encountered in the literature or my medical training. He is a leader in this field.

Dr. Jenna Creaser
MD, Rising Rose Wellness

Your guide

Sasha is our contributing partner and host for this class. His approach to teaching and group facilitation is informed by:

  • 25 years of practical experience as a therapist.
  • Training with experts in the field like Mariah Moser.
  • A lifelong quest to understanding and resolving traumas of all types.
  • Being the loving father of 3 boys who taught him the most about therapy.
  • Exploring a multitude of healing modalities and cultural perspectives on wellness.
  • A deep commitment to his own shadow work and helping others in an embodied way.
  • His in-depth therapist and trauma resolution trainings held in British Columbia.

asked questions

  1. Who is this masterclass for?

Health care workers, therapists, medicine carriers and “sitters,” social workers, yoga teachers, counsellors, life coaches, school teachers, parents, first responders, and anyone who is on a journey of personal growth and unfolding. Viewing this class will not qualify you to become a therapist. It is a first step out of many required to be properly trained and qualified to do deep work with other people.

  1. When does it start?

After purchasing you will have lifetime access to the videos, course materials, and 1 month of free access to our private Nectara Circle community. A resourcing community of peers and experts with psychedelic wellness events, resources, and community discussions.

  1. How do I access course materials?

You can find the course files on your Nectara account. Your account will be created after you purchase the masterclass.

  1. Do you offer bulk discounts for organizations?

We believe every team of therapists and people who help support others should be trauma-informed. We offer bulk discounts for organizations who want to help train up their staff. Email us at to get in touch.

  1. Will my employer reimburse me?

Most large organizations, and many smaller ones, will reimburse tuition for professional development. Here’s a template we made that could help you.

  1. What if I am not into psychedelic therapy?

The theory and tools in the class can be applied in everyday life.

  1. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! Email us at

30-day money-back guarantee

If you decide this class didn’t deliver on its promise for any reason let us know and we’ll refund you in full. Let us know how we can we do better next time.