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It's OK to Slow Down



It's OK to Slow Down
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Key insights

Key insight

Even seemingly mundane moments in our day offer us wonderful opportunities to practice mindfulness.

Key insight

Akin to a mirror, mindfulness allows us to observe what a moment is showing us and to welcome whatever feelings and thoughts may arise.

Key insight

Mindfulness lets us slow down and pay attention in a gentle way while returning to our breath.


The Mirror

Fun fact: During the 1980s, David had trained at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. As a hairstylist, David faced a mirror every day with his clients, but he noticed that when clients sat facing toward the mirror, they often said disparaging things about themselves. Self-compassion and love, David poignantly observed, seemed difficult to hold for so many of us.

For today’s practice, let us carry over this idea of intention and consider how slowing down helps us have a simpler and less stressful day.

For 2-3 breaths, try slowing down by feeling the sensation of breathing in your body. Let go of your expectations for the day. If you can, try this a few times today.

The mirror practice may seem simple, but we consider it pretty advanced and one you may find surprisingly challenging. Be gentle with yourself, slow down, and give yourself this moment of self-acceptance and love.


Think back to the last 24 hours. How mindfully did you navigate them?

In what ways are you adding unnecessary complexity in your life?

How could you add more delight and simplicity to it?


“It hurts to argue with the mirror.”

David said: “We’re not practicing mindfulness to be more spiritual; we’re practicing because it hurts. It hurts to argue with the mirror.” What comes up for you when you read that?

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.

Print out

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.


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