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Mindful listening

When you learn to listen everything is your teacher



When you learn to listen everything is your teacher
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Key insights

Key insight

Mindful listening is an embodied practice you can acquire and cultivate. Listening well is a wonderful way to show up for someone. It’s an act of love and inspires trust.

Key insight

Key insight

You can foster 3 different levels of mindful listening:

1. Listening for yourself (i.e. when you’re learning mode).

2. Listening to others and the world around you—feeling empathy for others and listening with no agenda.

3. The most advanced level is intuitive listening, which involves also listening to what *isn’t* being said, as well as listening with love, less judgment, and an open heart.


Mindful listening

Now it’s time to try the mindful listening techniques David described.

After putting away objects that may distract you (like your cell phone or laptop), set your intention to listen mindfully to someone you will interact with today.

Show up for them by staying curious, listening without judgment, and feeling empathy about their perspective.

Before responding, remember you can always take a breath and a mindful pause.


How often do you feel you really listen deeply to others?

What’s the quality of your listening overall—shallow, deep, restless?

How would it change your relationships if you made mindful listening a regular practice?


“Deep listening is a great gift to offer to the world.”

Deep listening inspires trust. But to listen mindfully means letting go of a fundemental self-centeredness. We have to be willing to put down our own thoughts, views, and feelings to truly listen. Listening is a heartfelt practice that can provide support and comfort for someone else. Everybody loves to be listened to, it's universal.

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.

Print out

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.


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