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Key insights

Key insight

When we consider mindfulness a “goal,” we move out of the moment, creating a gap between what we’re experiencing now and what we would like to see happen. This gap creates a kind of dissatisfaction because we oftentimes measure our moments against our goals, thereby living in a state of constant expectation.

Key insight

But when we create an intention, there is no required result—we are simply connecting to what we decide to practice. Intentions are discovered—and re-discovered—in the present moment, again and again, so just by making an intention, you’ve already accomplished what you set out to do. :)

Key insight

Even if we may need some guidance and training to cultivate them, the seeds of our intentions come from inside, so we don’t have to rely on external sources for satisfaction since what we desire is already within us, waiting to sprout and bloom.


The Buddha’s Smile

Images of the Buddha’s face show an enigmatic smile, slightly upturned yet very relaxed and serene. Smiling in this way for even a few breaths can cultivate ease in the body and cultivate positive emotions.

For today’s practice, try this Buddha’s half-smile each day for at least a few rounds of breathing. Think of it as yoga for your face! :) You could try this meditation when you first wake up, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or while driving your car. Soften your facial muscles and lift the corners of the mouth a little into a gentle half-smile and hold this subtle pose for the duration of the practice.


What sensations did you experience during this practice? What surprised you?

Did you feel more serene during this practice? If so, how would you describe this feeling in a few words?

If not, how might the Buddha handle whatever situation you are in right now?

Contemplate this idea of intention and how it might help make your life simpler and less stress-free. Note all the moments during your day when you notice resistance or fear or dissatisfaction with the way things are. Could you allow things to be exactly as they are today?


“I am just going to practice, and see what happens.”

Think of your life as a garden and plant seeds of intention each day. Water them with loving attention and practice.

When my eyes see the wonder and my heart feels the joy, I do not ignore my problems - I nourish my capacity to attend to them.

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.

Print out

Print out or download a sticky note of this reminder and place it somewhere you can look at regularly.


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