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Support your journey with our soulful community circles and psychedelic integration and preparation practices. Facilitated with care and warmth by Nectara’s heart-led experts.

Authentic Relating Workshop

April 4th @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST

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Learn to translate the wisdom of your medicine journeys and cultivate more meaningful connections with the dyad practice - a 1-on-1 exercise of conscious communication, deep presence and heart-centered listening.

asked questions

  1. Why do you host these events?

Each of our events is designed to help support people wanting to explore psychedelics to improve their well-being. Preparing for those altered states and then integrating the insights can open up many different doors to explore, discover, and expand what it means to bridge the experience into meaningful transformation into everyday life.

  1. Who facilitates your events?

Nectara's facilitators are people who have been doing their own healing for many years and are in humble service to helping support others along their journey. They're always learning and are there to grow with you. Always kind, soulful, and warm people, we place a high value on not just what they know but who they are.

  1. What is Nectara's Circle membership?

Our psychedelic wellness membership gives you access to over 100 events a year, resources, peer support, and much more. At $20/month or less, we think it's a beautiful value.

  1. What about people who live in other timezones?

As we expand our team and reach, we will add more events for a broader range of time zones. For now, we're focused on Western and Eastern time zones in the Americas. We do provide event recordings for all members, and our community spaces and resources are accessible 24/7.

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